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Someone is getting a kicking.

9 Jul



Leonard Siffleet. Austrailian Commando. 1943. Papua New Guinea.

17 Jan


This is number 9 of my top ten photographs of all time.

This picture has a stark honesty about the every day killing of people in wartime.

I find the East and West relationship depicted in the photo fascinating: don’t we hold the sword now? Or do we?

The Japanese soldiers expression seems to indicate he is not enjoying this duty he looks almost sorry for what he is about to do.

What I like about this photo is not the quality or colour of the shot its the incredible drama and utter tension and desperation of mans inhumanity to man.

Photo was found on a deceased Japanese solider.


Bessie Love. American silent film actress. 1928. Paris France.

25 Dec


This is number ten in a series of my favourite photographs of all time.
She has gorgeous shadow lines as she stretches for warmth from the wood stove in front of her.
I love her expression of boredom and resignation and it goes to show female exploitation has always been apparent.
Photo taken by James Abbe for a fashion magazine.

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