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September 13 2037 Serenity Outpost Alpha, South Quad of Mars.

29 Jan


Dyna-image of Sub-Leader Allison Breaker as she inspects the support bedrock of Serenity Outpost Alpha.

The Zeta of the Reti-Culi constellation disputed the building of a research base built by Humans on Mars. The dispute was not taken seriously by the Quadrant Convener for the Milky Way and was struck down. The Zetas attacked 1 Terra-week later.

This event was the first time Humans were put in direct combat with a extraterrestrial species and the first known Human casualties from the use of Molecular Particle weapons. (7 dead 15 severely injured)

Dyna-image taken by Time Trooper First Class Hendi Frost. (deceased)

(Time-Travel series 33)


January 13 2026. De-materialization Building Gamma. Old Canada.

23 Jan


Dyna-image taken of the first Time-String Transport Vehicle.

The first incarnation of this vehicle was piloted by the Peregrini as they had millions of Earth- years of time and inter-dimensional movement through all the major Time-Strings through the

Image taken by Avis of the Peregrini.

(Time Travel series 33)


February 13 2023. Materialization Building Beta. Arsenal Lands Mississauga Ontario Old-Canada.

21 Jan


First known Dyna-image of the Inter-Dimensional time traveling species called the Peregrini.

This image was taken on only the third official movement by Human Time Teams through the Alpha 0.01 Time-String.

The being (seen here just beginning to materialize in Time Tube Alpha 0.01) was called Summum Dux and it was the first “contact”of another life form through HKTST. (Human Kinetic Time-String Travel)

The Peregrini have since then been the closest Human allie in this quad of the Milky Way.

The wisdom and guidance they have shown the Human species has been nothing short of remarkable totally transforming Human kind for the better of they’re galactic and inter dimensional neighbours and partners.

This Dyna-image is one of the most important images ever taken by Human kind.

Image taken by Dyna-Tech First Class Trilleon “shutter-bug prime” Leftfrench.

(Time Travel series 32)


22 December 1964. Location: 37.2350*N, 115.8111*W.

19 Jan


Dyna-image taken the from cockpit of the Extraterrestrially conceived SR 71 Blackbird observation airplane taxing to the infamous runway 12 on the A51 proving air ground.

Time String Science Group 7 have concerns and suspicions of the origin of this aircraft and how this advanced airplane was produced by Humans in this Time String.

Group 7 have accused the Zeta, of the Reticulum Constellation, of interfering for they’re own gain with this extremely delicate Time String (alpha 0.01) in a very important time in the development of the Human species on this particular planet.
(Earth which revolves around a Yellow Dwarf star located on the Orion Arm 26 000 light years away from the centre of the Milky Way Spiral Galaxy)

Image taken by Sub-Observer Jennifer Left attached to Deep Covert Observation Time String Team 55.(DCOT55)

Time Travel Series 32.


December 5 1943. 20 000 feet over Hanover Germany.

17 Jan


This image of a terrestrial based war airplane of the mid 20th century was taken by the Zetas. (a Artificial Bipedal Swarm of the Reticulum Constellation)

The operators of these war aircraft were convinced that the balls of red fire or as they were called “Foo Fighters” were an invading “Alien” race.

In reality the orbs were Science Package Probes sent to this Time String by the Zetas to (no doubt) see how they could exploit the Earth war for they’re own gain.

This image was confiscated and used as evidence against the Zetas when they were removed as a member of the Planets for Peaceful Time String Exploration. (PPTSE)

Since they’re removal the Zetas have gone from a Class Gamma Disruptive Species to a Class Beta Danger Close Species and have had multiple unlawful entries into illegal Wormhole portals to the Alpha 0.01 Time string.

The Zetas are currently Official Combatants (enemies) of approximately 1457 known sentient species in and around the Milky Way as of this report.

Time Travel Series 31.


May 10 1941. Southern Germany.

17 Jan


Dyna-image taken of the plane about to flown to Scotland by Walter Richard Rudolph Hess third in command of the Nationalist Socialist Party of Germany.

This image was taken by Sub-Observer Cooper Redd of CQO Team 39 and is considered a important event in this Time String.

(Time Travel Series 30)


July 16 1895. El Paso Texas.

11 Dec


Behind this fast moving train laid the body of the notorious gunfighter John Wesley Harding killed by a rancher named John Selman. This event is important to the Terestrial-Alpha Time-String as it was the first official Close Quarter Observation (CQO) into Home planet Earth’s ATS (Alpha Time-String) the first field test of the Time-String Human Transponder or Time Machine and the first Dyna-Image boosted back to Dyna-Tech Trill Wattsun through the ledgendary 0.01 Time-String Alpha. Dyna-Image taken by Time Trooper/Sub Observer Arial Cooper TTWD. (Time Traveler With Distinction) Time Travel Series 30.

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